Explore Kerala Packages for Couple

Kerala has a lot of places that are very ideal for a couple to spend time with. You can click pictures with your partner at picture perfect places. Go on a boat ride with your partner on the lazy lagoons. Take a walk among the palm plantations and sit by the beaches on a moonlit night, or hold hands and watch the sun rise. Spend your vacation on a houseboat, and witness a beautiful sunrise.


Kerala is the ideal place to spend time with your loved one. Even if you are not a foodie couple, the authentic Kerala cuisine is something that will make you fall in love with food. Appams, aviyal, beef curry, yummy fish fry and payasam are things that one cannot simply miss in Kerala. Kerala is the only state in India, where the ancient therapeutic ayurvedic practices are still practiced religiously. Relax your senses, and pamper your mind and body by taking revitalizing panchakarma massages, herbal massages and aromatherapy. A relaxing vacation is incomplete without a massage in Kerala. Check out our Kerala packages for couple, and select the best couple tour package. We promise to deliver you an amazing experience. Kerala is always green, exploding with spices, mountains, waterfalls, fruits, performing arts, crashing waves, fishing, Kathakali, kalariyatta and a lot more.If you are a newly married couple or a couple who have been married for long, Kerala is a magical place which will make you fall all over in love with each other all over again. Candlelit dinners, romantic places, name it and you will get it. We have beautifully designed several Kerala tour packages for couple. Do you both love to trek? Are you an adventure seeking couple? Are you a romantic couple? Are you looking for an ayurveda package? We have got you covered. Just check our Kerala packages for couple, and get in touch with us. As a couple, you would have gone out for dinners and movies, a lot of times. We know that dinners and get common after a while. If you have been in the marriage for a long time, you are probably looking for other date options. The best date option is to take a break and come to Kerala with your partner. Kerala has a considerable measure of spots that are exceptionally perfect for a couple to invest energy with. You can click pictures with your spouse at picture culminate places. Go on a watercraft ride with your accomplice on the languid tidal ponds. Go out for a stroll among the coconut estates and sit by the shorelines on a moonlit night, or clasp hands and watch the waves crash. Spend your get-away on a houseboat, and witness a delightful dawn. We have carefully crafted our couple tour packages for Kerala, so that your experience in Kerala is made completely enjoyable.

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