Best Kodaikanal Honeymoon Packages


Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station that lies in the Palani Hills. It is a champion among the tourist spots in South India. Kodai is visited by trekkers and honeymooners. The unending green cover, stunning inclinations, amazing food, lovely atmosphere and pleasing people are few of the various awesome things in Kodaikanal..


The Berijam Lake is one of the top tourist spots in Kodaikanal. It is an immaculate spread of peaceful, quiet and unadulterated clean waters protected by the green slopes and woodlands. Take a quiet stroll along the lake and lose yourself in the magnificence of the slopes surrounding you.

Coakers Walk is a picture perfect place where you can unwind a bit. Dolphins nose is another lovely spot that gives you a 10,000 foot perspective of the stunning excellence of Kodaikanal. The Kodaikanal lake is a major attraction that should not be missed. You can witness the sparkling beams of the sun reflect on the water. There are numerous small waterfalls that stream by this lake. There are vessels and boat storages along this lake. A visit to Kodaikanal is incomplete without a boat ride. We offer best opportunity to visit kodaikanal through kodaikanal couple packages.

Take a stroll through the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory. It is a picturesque place. If you love to gaze at the stars, you will have an awesome time, at this place. One of the greatest stops in Kodaikanal is the Bryant Park. This vacation destination has enraptured guests who have applauded the beautiful patio nurseries. The Bryant Park lies close to the Kodaikanal Lake.

The Kodaikanal Green Valley view is a lovely place appreciated by people from all walks of life. You can catch the most tempting glimpses of the majestic Kodaikanal from this place. The Silver Cascade waterfall is a must-visit tourist spot during kodaikanal couple package tour. The water falls from a stature of 180 feet and the view of the gushing water is amazing. Take a look at our Kodaikanal couple package options and pick the best package.

To reach the Vattakanal Falls, you will have to trek through a small timberland. A standout amongst the most prevalently visited spots, this waterfall is a visual treat during the monsoons. Kodaikanal never neglects to captivate the explorer in you. The Lake view point gives you an all-encompassing perspective of the delightful, shiny scenes of Kodaikanal.

One of the most noteworthy pinnacles of the Perumalai mountain extend, the Perumal pinnacle is a standout amongst the most stunning spots to visit in Kodaikanal. You can trek up this top without trouble and lounge in the magnificence of nature. The Guna caves are visited by adventure junkies and globe-trotters. The Kookal caves are proof that the ancient "Palaiyar" tribes used to live here.

The popular Bear Shola Falls is a regular waterfall that spouts rich, clear water from all sides amid the flawless rainstorm. The wonderful falls lie settled in the bushes of the woodland hold. Our Kodaikanal couple package include a number of attractions. We will make your Kodaikanal experience awesome with our “kodaikanal couple package trip”.

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