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The town of Kumarakom is a bunch of little islands on the Vembanad Lake, and is a piece of the Kuttanad area. The feathered creature haven here, which is spread crosswise over 14 sections of land is a most loved frequent of transitory flying creatures and an ornithologist's heaven. A captivating backwater goal, Kumarakom offers guests numerous other recreation alternatives.
Kumarakom is a maze of backwaters with sparkling water, the splendid green of mangrove woodlands, coconut palms covering the dikes, blue skies, herds of transient fowls skimming the water.Consistently several million sightseers visit Kerala. Kumarakom is a vital stopover for a lion's share of these vacationers. This acclaimed vacationer backwater center point is a bunch of islands on the eastern banks of Lake Vembanad.


Contrasted with adjoining towns, the Vembanadlake has its most extreme length and expansiveness close to Kumarakom. With the immense lake on one side and with a system of quiet channels going through it, Kumarakom, a magnum opus, appreciates an interesting position on the guide of Kerala.Kumarakom is a group of beautiful islands around the pleasant Vembanad Lake. The town is nature rich. With the soil so rich, the land brims with paddy fields and mango forests. The lavish greenery and the backwaters in a pleasant setting have made Kumarakom one among the world's intriguing places proclaimed by the Cande Nast Travelers. Check out our Kumarakom tour packages.

TheKumarakom bird sanctuary houses an extensive variety of feathered creatures including cuckoo, kingfishers, and egret. The transient flying creatures that you can find here are Siberian cranes, teal, etc . It is a birdwatchers' heaven and you could make best utilization of your visit to this place by contracting houseboats and speedboats. The Kumarakom shoreline is a decision of goal to unwind on your vacation. You could go swimming, parasailing, drifting and wind surfing. You could go on a houseboat voyage to investigate the shoreline to make the most of its enchanting magnificence. Go through our list of Kumarakom holiday packages.

The Kumarakombackwaters is home to an extensive variety of plants and creatures. The most ideal approach to appreciate the excellence of Kumarakom backwaters is to go on a houseboat that takes you through different waterways, lakes and streams around here. Our Kumarakom tour packages are designed to give you the best experience.

Pathiramanal is one of the islands in Vembanad Lake. Pathiramanal implies the 'sand of night'. This section of the island houses an aquarium and a zoo. A portion of the fascinating sorts of transitory winged creatures can be seen here. Since this island can be gotten to just by watercraft, you could stop on your journey on the backwaters to extend yourself on the green island. JumaMasjid , also called Thazhathangadi Mosque is located in Kumarakom. This is viewed as one of the most seasoned mosques in the nation. The great design and the perfect wood carvings are dazzling.

Kerala is also very rich with traditional art performances. Though Kathakali is the most famous art form, the state also has many other art forms such as Theyyam, Mohiniyattam, ChakyarKoothu, ChavittuNadakam, Ottamtullal, NangiarKoothu, Etc. Kerala has its own traditional martial art form called Kalaripayattu. There are lots of points where these art forms are taught.

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