Best Coorg Sightseeing Packages


Set amidst the incomprehensibility and quietness of slopes, vegetation, and significant valleys, Coorg is a perfect getaway for anyone looking for a weekend travel break. It is an impeccable traveler goal. The district is spread more than 4000 square km. You will have a great time with your friends and family among rich green slants and an astonishing background. Coorg, generally called Kodagu, is the most praised slant station in Karnataka. It is known for its rich greenery. We can ensure that you will have a radiant time in Coorg, with your companions.


Coorg is a place with rich history and delightful attractions. The slope station has differing attractions that leave the guests enchanted. One of the phenomenal spots to see in Coorg, the Abbey Falls is arranged about a kilometer from Madikeri. The extraordinariness of this waterfall can't be depicted in words. It is sorted out in the midst of improved favors and coffee legacies. The greatness of the Kaveri River as it gushes down the stones, molding the falls is beautiful beyond words. The water tumbles from a stature of 70 feet.

Coorg is not just about thick timberlands, coffee legacies, and amazing waterfalls. It is also a place of authentic significance. The Madikeri Fort in Coorg has lauded immense regard in the pages of history. The fortress even today discusses triumph. This place has encountered a couple of changes compositionally. It was at first worked of mud and later it was repaired in rocks by Tipu Sultan. Later periods saw it being redone again by Lingarajendra Wodeyar II and also by the British. A few relics and recorded weapons are kept in plain view at this fortress.

Tadiandamol is said to be the most lifted peak in Kodagu. It is close to Kakkabe town and it is around 1748 meters above sea level. The place is known for different exercises that are notable among voyagers. This spot charms nature enthusiasts and trekkers. The Nalaknad royal residence lies at the foothills of Tadiandamol.

The Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is arranged in the staggering Somwarpet taluk in Coorg. The place is known for its vegetation. Fowl lovers will love this place. It is stacked with unprecedented sorts of feathered creatures. Go through our list of Coorg local sightseeing packages and pick the best one.

In the event that you are a power group with an undying adoration for nature and history, Coorg will be a flawless spot for your getaway. The Gaddige slope station is a hillock and is popularly known as Raja's Tomb. The building joins various tombs worked amidst the control of the Kodavas. The tombs bear Shaivite outlines. The most prestigious tombs are that of the ruler Doddaveerarajendra and the ruler Mahadeviamma.

The Omkareshwara Temple, another famous attraction in Coorg has a Linga close to the entryway of the passage. The historical backdrop of the temple was engraved by the lord on a plate made of copper that is hanging at the edge of the way to the entrance. Go through our website and pick a Coorg sightseeing packages.

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